2017: A hiring forecast for IT pros

2017 shows promise for IT workers.

With one year ending and another soon to start, the question on so many peoples' minds is, "What will the hiring situation be in 2017?"

Of course, we can only makes projections within reason, since no one can actually predict the future. But if what the experts are saying is true, there's hope that 2017 will be the year you find your new favorite job. 

Stable job market growth in the cards

By all accounts, 2016 was a good year for jobs. According to the Washington Post, unemployment is at 4.6 percent, which is the lowest rate since 2007. Meanwhile, Money Magazine stated that, "2017 is going to be the best job market in years," especially for experienced workers or those who are highly trained.

Perhaps the most promising part of the forecast is that "the wage premium for switching jobs is near its highest point in years," and people may be switching employers just for the sake finding better options. This is a clear indication of a healthy job market, and one in which businesses are willing to spend more time, effort and money to compete for the top talent. 

IT workers: Modest salary gains, but new opportunities galore

"IT pros are in a strong position to benefit from a healthy job market."

It would seem that IT workers are also in a strong position to reap the benefits of a healthy job market. According to TechRepublic, many Chief Information Officers intend to increase hiring in 2017, particularly in the areas of database management, desktop support, network administration and not at all surprisingly, cybersecurity. Other areas of expertise that will be in demand in 2017, according to Computerworld, and are likely to see salary gains, include:

  • Software development.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.  
  • Cloud network administration and engineering.
Many CIOs will be looking to make new hires in 2017. Many CIOs will be looking to make new hires in 2017.

Interestingly, Computerworld's survey also found that there's an increased demand for helpdesk professionals, which is a role that has been in flux for the past few years due to more organizations outsourcing IT infrastructure management to cloud vendors, as well as bring-your-own-device trends and remote work forced limiting the number of enterprise-managed endpoints. Nevertheless, as long as there is an office to go to with conference rooms, computers and other IT infrastructure, there will be a need for IT helpdesk workers. 

It's worth noting that not all IT experts will see salary gains. According to Network World, 63 percent of IT leaders do not intend to increase salaries in 2017. How this will actually play out remains to be seen, especially since technology trends are always changing. 

What this means for you

Whether you're a helpdesk expert, a Big Data guru or a software developer, stability in the IT job market appears to be in the cards. If you're between jobs, or looking for something better, early 2017 is likely to ring in some golden opportunities. And if you're chasing the dollar, software development, cloud administration and engineering, advanced analytics and cybersecurity are the ways to go. 

Regardless of your motive for job searching now and into early 2017, it's important to check job listings for your area early and often. If that area happens to be South Florida, look no further than prosourceIT's career portal. Keep close watch now through early 2017 for new opportunities.